If you oversee multiple SEO campaigns, you may wonder how you can effectively manage them at the same time. How can you remain on track with various projects that are all competing for your focus and interest? 

Keep reading to learn more about how to remain organized with several SEO projects and stay focused since these objectives relate to one another. 

Create and Follow Monthly Deliverable Schedules 

SEO isn’t the easiest to grasp, especially for those who aren’t in the digital marketing industry. Your clients may have a hard time understanding what you do or why it is important. 

Some SEO tasks are tangible, meaning clients can see them, like updating internal links and headings. However, other essential SEO tasks include fixing 404 errors, building links, and updating canonical tags that aren’t “seen.”

Because of this, it is smart to provide your clients with a list of deliverables before they are done. Planning them out a month ahead of time is a good strategy. Once you have created this list, give it to your clients. After the end of the month, include in your monthly report that all deliverables were completed. 

Use Quality and Sophisticated Project Management Software 

If you have multiple clients, remaining organized with a project management platform in place is virtually impossible. There are several to choose from, and many include free versions. 

After creating the deliverable schedules mentioned above, you can load the tasks in the project management platform you use. 

It is good to make the due date for tasks a minimum of two to three days before the client actually needs them. This gives you some time to ensure you aren’t late on deliverables. 

Today, you can find some platforms that let you prioritize tasks. This is another feature that will help ensure you remain on track and deliver work on time. 

Review Tasks at the Start of the Day

After you have the desired project management software established with all your deliverable tasks and due dates, you can begin reviewing your day-to-day tasks. Take time to review what you have designated every day. As they are complete, check them off your list. Later in your workday, look over what is coming up for the next day to prepare to get it done mentally. 

It will probably be helpful to focus on just one client at a time if you can. If you have several things that need to be done for a single client, group these things together and continue working on them until complete. After that, move on to tasks for another client. 

As you can see, managing SEO efforts for multiple clients is possible, but it requires hard work and dedication. You also need to ensure you stay organized, as this will help ensure you meet expectations and deadlines for all your clients. In the long run, the tips here will help you with your efforts and ensure your SEO campaigns are successful.