Have you heard the term “PPC ad quality score?” Chances are you have and while you likely know it’s important, you may not have the time or ability to focus on it for your clients due to all the other SEO related tasks you handle. 

However, now may be a good time to change this. 

The PPC ad quality score is Google’s way of rating the pertinence and quality of PPC ads and the keywords used. It’s like a credit score – things are better when the score is higher. 

A common source of frustration for many when trying to increase ad clicks is how to improve or increase the PPC ad quality score. Unfortunately, the answer is both simple and complex. There are several things that may reduce your quality score, but here you can learn how to increase it. 


Just like anything that is worth doing, you should do your research first. Find out what people like and dislike and what they want and need. Remember, this is constantly changing too. What they are looking for is going to vary and you need to ensure your business keeps up with the supply and demand. 

It also means you need to research keywords, negative keywords, and see how others are handling their ads so you will know the difference between an ad that is well written and one that is not. This can help you avoid wasting time and money. 


It’s also important to focus on keywords. Keywords are extremely important, and you should consider them like you would when you use hashtags on TikTok or Instagram. If you don’t have the proper hashtags, your pictures or videos won’t reach your target audience. This also means you won’t get as many views as you could or should. The right keywords will and can have a huge impact on your PPC quality ad score. 

Negative Keywords

Another strategy that isn’t used as often to help improve your PPC quality ad score is negative keywords. While this may sound a bit crazy, it works. 

Negative keywords are anything that keep your ad from being seen. You can use this to improve your PPC ad quality score. To do this, place negative keywords that are used by people who are not looking for what you offer. This will help keep them from finding you. Doing this increases the chances of intentional searchers finding and clicking your ad. It has also been proven to increase your quality score. 

Improving Your Client’s Quality Ad Score

As you can see from the information here, there are more than a few ways you can improve your client’s quality ad score. Take some time to consider the tips and methods here. You can also contact us, and we can take over this element of your client’s accounts. In the long run this is going to pay off and help ensure your client’s PPC ads get the best possible results.