Creating amazing content that shares your message and provides great information is great. However, if no one sees or reads it, what’s the point? 

The fact is, you may notice that your client’s content isn’t being seen. When this happens, it’s up to you to utilize the right tactics to increase content consumption for your clients. Keep reading for some tips to help with this goal. 

Leverage the Power of SEO

A great way to promote your client’s content and ensure it ranks well on Google is with SEO. If an article is ranking well, it is possible to generate continuous traffic. 

However, searchers will only click on the first few results on the first page of SERPs. Because of this, you must ensure content ranks well. Some steps to ensure that the content your client publishes will rank well in Google (and other search engines) includes:

  • An understanding of what the audience is searching for
  • Writing content that deserves to rank
  • Acquiring links from others to your pages

Each of these steps is a must for SEO and ranking well in search engines. 

Ensure Your Content is Sharable 

It’s important to encourage people to share the content created with friends, so it has the chance to reach an even bigger audience. This can be done by removing blockers and making it simple to share. 

The easiest way to ensure content is sharable is by adding “social sharing” buttons to the content pages. 

Another option is to create images that summarize the more complex concepts. This makes it much easier for people to consume and understand. 

Share the Content with the Client’s Established Audience 

If you have a client with a blog and fans, it’s important to make sure that people see the new content being created. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to share through all your client’s social media channels. 

Email Anyone Mentioned in the Content

If a client creates a valuable, in-depth piece of content, there’s a good chance that they have utilized resources from others in the industry. If this happens, why not reach out to these resources, and let them know. 

Most people like to find this out and may even share the content on social media, sending more traffic to your client’s content. 

Even if they don’t do this, it can start a new relationship that can lead to something more down the road. 

Add Internal Links to New Content 

If you post new content, it’s a good idea to add internal links. These should lead to related blogs and content pages on your website. This type of linking structure will help keep people on your site longer. 

Getting More “Eyes” on Your Client’s Content

As you can see, there are more than a few tips you can use to make your client’s content more visible and ensure their audience sees it. Keep these tips in mind to improve results across the board.