Blogging is an essential part of managing a website. When you first begin offering blogging services to your clients, you likely have an arsenal of great content ideas. 

However, as time passes, you may encounter writer’s block, which makes creating content not only difficult but a bit daunting, too. 

A good way to reduce cases of writer’s block while ensuring you continue to provide your clients with the high-quality content they want, need, and expect, is by getting to know and using the different types of blog posts (yes, there is more than one!). 

Keep reading to learn more about blog post types and why “mixing things up” can pay off for your client’s website. 

List Style Posts

You can find list-style blogs all over the internet. 

Believe it or not, this isn’t a coincidence. There’s a good reason for this trend. Creating lists is a smart way to streamline information in an easy-to-share and digest format. 

If someone doesn’t have time to sit down and read an entire blog article, they can quickly skim through a list and get all the information they are looking for. 

Lists are also great for increased traffic and are more likely to go viral than other article types. 

How-To Style Posts 

Besides checking email and social media a few times per day, some people go online to learn how to do something. 

It doesn’t matter if someone wants to learn how to bake a pie or tie a tie; almost everyone turns to the internet to find solutions for their problems or questions. If you have an article (or how-to post) on the information they are searching for, the searcher will click the link to your site and read what you have written. 

Sharing thought leadership and industry knowledge through how-to articles show the readers that your client is knowledgeable. This also helps with lead generation. 

Cheat Sheet or Checklist Style Posts

Being able to check items off a list is something most people enjoy. Something is satisfying about being able to see a checkmark by a task you completed. 

Offer checklists through the blog. This is going to provide a quick reference guide for readers. Chances are these types of articles will not only get read and used but shared. 

Infographic Style Post

Even though infographics are not the best tool for lead generation, they are an effective resource for driving more people to a website and increasing awareness. You can easily digest infographics, and they are entertaining and informative. 

Also, adding infographics to a blog help provide a break from the average “wordy” blog post. 

Are You Using Different Blog Post Styles?

As you create content for your client’s sites, be sure to mix things up and use different blog post styles. This is going to help increase reader interest and retention. 

Working for clients can be challenging, and if you need help, our team can provide the high-quality blog content you need to ensure your client’s blogs are successful.