You understand that link building plays a strategic role in your overall digital marketing strategy as a marketing professional. When done correctly, it can be extremely beneficial to your business. 

However, this doesn’t mean that all types of links are worth your time or effort. One type of link – reciprocal links – can be confusing. Because of this, you may wonder if they actually provide any value. 

Something to understand is that, like any link building, reciprocal links will benefit your client’s site if done correctly. If they aren’t used properly, they may cause negative results. 

Reciprocal Links Defined

Reciprocal links occur if two or more parties agree to link to the other site. It is essentially an exchange between website owners. The agreement is, basically, “you link to me, I’ll link to you.”

The links create a connection to another party’s page or a resource in exchange for a link back on a guest post or website. The intention is to benefit both site owners’ site authority and SEO. 

Reciprocal Links and SEO

Link building plays an important role in any SEO strategy. When using reciprocal links, though, you need to improve the customer’s experience while they are on your website. Some of the potential benefits of using reciprocal links are highlighted below. 

Improves the Customer Experience 

The right reciprocal links can result in higher engagement with the content on your page. This will also result in you being noticed by the search engine algorithms. 

Makes Your Site a Trusted Authority 

Reciprocal links will also help establish you and your site as a trusted authority. When you provide your existing and potential customers with access to resources they are searching for, it shows you understand them and their problems. It also shows you are so confident in what you offer that you provide other sources for information. 

The search engine algorithms pay attention to this. As this occurs more and more, your site will start to move up in SERPs. 

Increase Website Traffic 

Links may help to increase your website traffic and bring in potential customers who may or may not be aware of what you are offering. The increased website traffic is another element that lets search engines know you are getting more attention. This is going to keep pushing you up in the SERPs

Remember that even though having external links on your site can benefit SEO, they aren’t the main driving force in your SERP rankings. It’s possible to use these links to benefit existing and potential customers, resulting in more brand engagement. This also provides a positive impact on your SEO efforts. 

Using Reciprocal Links on Your Client’s Websites 

You need to ensure they are used properly to benefit your client’s websites when it comes to reciprocal links. If you aren’t sure how to use this SEO tactic to benefit your clients, reach out to our professional team. We can review your existing strategy to see if reciprocal linking will help your clients see the above benefits. When done properly, this strategy may be highly effective.