Do you have clients with an online store where they sell products or services? If so, you may be interested in finding ways to improve their existing eCommerce strategy. Building on the strategies in place can help improve your clients’ results, sales, and success. 

Developing an effective eCommerce marketing strategy can be challenging; however, it’s not impossible. The type of eCommerce strategy that is right for your clients depends on their goals. Here you can learn more about generating more leads for your clients and working on converting them into paying customers.


Improve eCommerce Search Usability

You need to find out if your client’s eCommerce platform records or analyzes what the customers are looking for. If the online store system being used can track this, it probably means the website has effective search and navigation capability. 

If you want to optimize the user experience for your client’s online stores further, it’s a good idea to organize the store to meet the needs of two main groups of customers:

  1. Visitors who already know what they want to purchase. 
  2. Visitors who are only browsing to see what is available. 

Customers who know what they are looking for want to find the information quickly. Creating a high-performing search experience is an essential feature for users because if they can’t find what they are searching for, they will just go to another store to purchase it. 

The second type of customer is those who want to see what is offered and compare products and prices. They will use the navigation menus and move between different product pages and categories. To help ensure the experience is as smooth as possible, be sure to organize the menu bar and different categories in easy-to-use and intuitive sections. 

The navigation and search functions of the website must be well-designed and user-oriented. This is the only way they will be effective and work to improve the overall customer experience of an eCommerce site. 

To help increase conversions as a part of the bigger eCommerce strategy, improve search usability in these fields:

  • Design and overall behavior of the search field
  • Search scope options
  • How the autocomplete is designed
  • Results features and layout
  • Sorting and filtering the search results on results pages

Showcase High-Quality Photos and Concise Product Descriptions

High-quality photos and product images are important to any eCommerce digital strategy. Attracting potential customers’ attention to your client’s eCommerce store is also necessary. Beyond the brick-and-mortar world, buyers cannot touch the product and make buying decisions based on the product images provided and any feedback from past buyers. 

Providing quality thumbnails on the search results pages will help users find what they are looking for in a single click and better understand what is offered. 

Be sure to make your product descriptions to the point. Avoid any fluff and create a detailed list of benefits and features. The target customers want to learn as much as possible about something they are thinking about buying and how the item will improve their life. Try to keep this a consistent theme in the eCommerce digital strategy. 

Some tips to keep in mind when creating product descriptions include:

  • Use the right subheadings
  • Include bullet points to attract more attention
  • Improve the readability with bigger font sizes
  • Offer videos and real photos of the product
  • Pay close attention to white spaces in the content, which helps make it more readable

Content creation and web design need to work together to help a site achieve superior results. Be sure the website copy is a part of the user experience. Doing this is going to result in higher conversion rates almost immediately. 

Personalize the Home Page

Personalization is a method that records what customers visited or viewed the last time they came to the eCommerce website. It also makes new buying suggestions based on prior behavior like past purchases or real-time data like time or location. 

A prime example of a user-centric shopping experience is Amazon. The homepage helps people find what they are searching for with a personalized block in the initial section when they log in. They can look in the “related to items you’ve viewed” section to see things they may be interested in. 

This lets visitors concentrate on the category they are interested in and shop without distractions. This provides a better customer experience and improved conversion rate –a win-win situation. 

Create Unique and Consistent Content

Some people wonder why this is necessary. While you likely know why this is important, do your clients? It’s important to educate them and let them know that having unique and consistent content is a key element of an effective eCommerce business strategy. 

The advertising world is always changing, and buyers want to avoid ads. If you help your client create a strong eCommerce content marketing strategy, it’s possible to provide more value to their customers. 

To do this, it’s necessary to understand the client’s customers. This includes needs, wants, and pain points and their overall customer journey. Knowing the client’s target market and how these people consume content is also important. All this will lead to the development of an effective content marketing strategy. 

Once the insights are acquired, creating a plan for the posts is necessary. It’s necessary to publish valuable, relevant articles with easy-to-share and good options. 


Improving Your Client’s eCommerce Website Results

If you want to ensure your clients get the best possible results on their eCommerce websites, keep the tips and information here in mind. This will help you create marketing strategies that work and provide the growth your clients are looking for. 

If you need assistance with this process, our team is here to help. We can take on tasks like this while you focus on other aspects of your client’s marketing plan. Being informed and knowing what to do and what to consider will pay off in the long run. Your clients will be impressed with the results you help them achieve.