outsourced SEOHaving a website is just the first step when building an online presence. For your website to be successful, it needs to be visible to potential customers. This is where Google indexing comes into play.

Google indexing is the process of adding web pages to Google’s search index so that they can show up in search results. While this may sound simple, indexing errors can significantly impact website visibility.

If Google cannot properly index your website, it won’t appear in search results, and potential customers won’t be able to find you. This can significantly hinder the growth and success of your business. That’s why addressing these indexing issues is crucial for businesses looking to reach a larger audience.

Below are some indexing problems you can fix by investing in outsourced SEO.

Your Website is Too New

Over 547,000 websites are created daily. With so many websites being launched, it’s easy for new sites to get lost in the vastness of the internet. This can result in Google not indexing your website or taking a long time to do so.

However, with the help of outsourced SEO professionals, you can expedite the indexing process by ensuring your website is correctly submitted to Google via Search Console and building initial backlinks to get noticed. By submitting a sitemap and using proper indexing tags, your website can be indexed faster and more efficiently.

No Domain Name Strategy

Your domain name is more than just a web address; it’s also an essential aspect of your SEO strategy. A well-chosen domain name can help with indexing and improve credibility for both users and search engines.

With outsourced SEO, experts can guide you in choosing a domain name that’s reflective of your brand while optimizing it for search engines. They can also help you avoid common mistakes, such as using numbers or hyphens. This can make your website appear spammy and affect its indexing.

By having a solid domain name strategy in place, you can set your website up for success from the very beginning. Your chosen domain name will also play a significant role in establishing your online presence and brand identity.

Issues After a Recent Website Redesign

After a website redesign, it’s essential to take specific steps to avoid indexing issues and ensure that your website continues to rank well in search engines. Outsourced SEO professionals will do things like:

  • Implement 301 Redirects: To preserve SEO rankings, 301 redirects are crucial when URL structures change. They ensure that search engines know a page has permanently moved to a new location and pass any link equity to the new URL.
  • Update the Sitemap: An updated sitemap is sent to search engines to alert them of any new or removed pages. This step helps search engines quickly find and index the new structure of your website.
  • Check for Crawl Errors: Using tools such as Google Search Console, professionals will meticulously check for crawl errors. Identifying and correcting these errors is critical to ensuring that search engines can access and index all intended pages of the website without issues.

By taking these steps after a website redesign, you can prevent any potential indexing issues and ensure that your website continues to perform well in search engine results. This is especially important when it comes to maintaining your online visibility and reaching potential customers.

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A Missing Sitemap Can Impact Indexing

Without a sitemap, Google may not be able to discover and index all the pages on your website. This can result in lower visibility and potential customers missing out on your services or products.

Outsourced SEO professionals will create and submit a comprehensive XML sitemap to Google. This ensures Google knows all your pages and can potentially index them.

This improves your website’s overall indexing and increases its chances of appearing in search results. It also allows for more efficient indexing, saving you time and effort in the long run. Additionally, sitemaps can help Google understand the structure of your website better, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your content. 

Poor Site Architecture and Duplicate Content

Having a well-organized site structure helps search engines navigate your website better, resulting in more efficient indexing. Poor site architecture, on the other hand, can hinder this process.

Outsourced SEO experts can help identify any issues with your site’s structure and make recommendations for improvement. They can also assist in identifying duplicate content, which can confuse search engines and negatively impact indexing.

Remove duplicate content or set up canonical tags to ensure search engines index only the original version of your content, thereby improving your overall SEO performance.

Low-Quality Content Can Affect Indexing

Low-quality or irrelevant content can significantly impact your website’s indexing. It can also lower user engagement, resulting in a higher bounce rate and decreased time spent on your site. This sends a negative signal to search engines, affecting your website’s overall ranking.

SEO experts can help revamp your content strategy by conducting thorough keyword research and creating high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that meets Google’s standards for indexing. They can also optimize existing content for better SEO performance and ensure they properly index all content with appropriate metadata.

Addressing Crawl Errors

To ensure your website remains accessible and fully indexed by search engines, tackling crawl errors is a critical task. SEO professionals employ a structured approach to identify and rectify these errors, thus improving your site’s visibility and performance.

When trying to fix these errors, outsourced SEO professionals will do things like:

  • Analyzing Google Search Console Reports: The first step involves leveraging Google Search Console to identify specific crawl errors. This tool provides comprehensive insights into what’s preventing search engines from accessing your site.
  • Fixing Server Errors (5XX): Server errors occur when a search engine’s request to access a page is refused due to server issues. SEO professionals can collaborate with your web hosting service to correct errors, ensuring servers are optimized and run smoothly.
  • Correcting 404 Errors: These errors are displayed when a page cannot be found. SEO experts create redirects for missing pages or reinstate them if removed inadvertently. This ensures no broken links are present on your site.
  • Addressing Access Denied (403) Errors: Access denied errors happen when search engines are blocked from a page. Adjusting your robots.txt file or reviewing your site’s security settings can resolve these issues.
  • Resolving Bad URL Errors: Incorrectly formatted URLs can lead to crawl errors. SEO professionals correct typos, adjust improper redirects and ensure the proper structuring of URLs.

SEO professionals can ensure that all pages on your website are accessible to search engines by addressing these issues.

Slow Page Load Times

Experts can optimize your site’s speed through image compression, caching strategies, and code optimizations. This positively influences indexing and user experience.

By optimizing images for web usage, they reduce the file size without sacrificing quality. Implementing caching strategies lets us store frequently accessed website elements locally on a user’s device, speeding up load times. Additionally, code optimizations can eliminate redundancies and streamline your website’s performance, resulting in more efficient indexing.

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Mobile Usability Issues

Having a website optimized for mobile use becomes crucial as more people access the internet through their mobile devices. Websites that are not mobile-friendly can result in lower rankings and decreased visibility. Outsourced SEO professionals can help make your site responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring it meets Google’s criteria for indexing.

With mobile-first indexing, Google primarily uses the mobile version of a website for indexing and ranking. This means that if you do not optimize your website for mobile devices, search engines may not index it correctly, resulting in lower visibility.

SEO experts can help ensure your website meets Google’s standards for mobile usability, allowing you to reach a larger audience and increase your online presence.

Lack of Social Signals

Social media plays a significant role in driving traffic to your website and indirectly influencing search engine rankings. By integrating social media strategies, SEO professionals can increase your site’s visibility and indirect signals to Google, potentially aiding in faster indexing.

They can also help you establish a strong presence on social media platforms by creating and sharing high-quality content that engages users and drives traffic to your website. This can result in more inbound links, which are critical for SEO and indexing purposes.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Outsourced SEO!

From indexing to mobile usability, outsourced SEO can address a wide range of potential issues that can negatively impact your website’s visibility and success. If you want to improve website visibility, it’s time to contact the team at Outsource My SEO!