Finding new clients is the main goal most marketing agency owners have. Accomplishing this goal will require you to invest in a website and social media advertising. Ideally, you want these marketing methods to appeal to business owners who are having a hard time managing their own advertising campaigns.

Millions of business owners outsource the work involved in establishing and maintaining an online presence. If you want to keep your clients loyal and happy with the services you provide, you need to gain some insight into what they expect. Here are some of the most common expectations business owners have from the marketing agencies they hire.

What Most Business Owners Expect from the Marketing Agencies They HireIndustry-Specific Experience

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. The type of content a business needs to reach its audience will depend heavily on the industry they operate in. When meeting with a potential client for the first time, you will probably be asked about your previous experience in their industry. Most business owners realize that in order to successfully market their brand online, they need to work with an agency that possesses this experience.

While there is nothing wrong with branching out and trying to attract businesses that operate in unfamiliar territory, you need to be upfront about your lack of experience in their industries. However, if you do possess lots of previous experience in a particular industry, you need to highlight this information on your website.

Quantifiable Results Are a Must

Most potential clients will also want to know more about how the success of their marketing campaigns will be charted and reported if they use your agency. Answering this question will require you to find out more about the goals a business owner has for their online marketing efforts. For instance, if a business owner is trying to increase website traffic, then you can monitor the success of your marketing campaigns by looking at metrics like the number of website visitors and popular traffic sources.

You need to be able to show clients quantifiable results, which is why providing monthly or bi-monthly printouts of relevant metrics is a good idea. This will show your clients that the money they are paying for your services is actually garnering results.

A High Level of Creativity

When a business hires a marketing agency, they are usually in need of creative ideas for their online content. If you are unable to exhibit a high level of creativity, you run the risk of losing new clients. Before you present new ideas to clients, take the time to vet them independently. Looking at the content being developed by your client’s competitors is a good starting point. This information can help you see what consumers are responding to. Consistently providing your clients with creative content is a surefire way to keep them loyal.

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