Most business owners realize their limitations when it comes to creating and implementing new SEO campaigns. This is why SEO outsourcing has become so popular with business owners regardless of what industries they operate in. When hiring your agency to help them out, a business owner will expect to get a good return on their investment. 

Online lead generation is something over 61 percent of business owners rank as their number one challenge. Are you trying to generate more SEO leads for your clients? If so, here are some things you need to try. 

Focus On Content Quality Over Quantity

Some inexperienced marketing agencies make the mistake of creating tons of subpar blog posts for their clients. Focusing on a blog quota can lead to the quality of this content taking a nosedive. It is better to publish a great blog once every two weeks instead of two or three subpar blogs a week. If you are publishing content that is filled with errors or boring, it will actually drive potential customers away from your client’s website. 

Instead of making this mistake, you need to focus more on content quality. Developing long-form content is also a great way to attract attention from search engines. If your client’s website is filled with high-quality blogs, it is only a matter of time before new leads start to roll in. Monitoring how well each of the blogs on a client’s website performs is crucial when trying to nail down what type of content their audience responds to. 

Social Media Integration is a Must

The average business has a presence on social media. Most entrepreneurs realize that engaging with consumers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to generate more sales leads. Driving traffic from a company’s social media profiles to its website will require the development of a social media integration strategy. 

Promoting new blog content on social media is an excellent integration strategy. You also need to encourage clients to add social share buttons to their content. With these buttons, a blog reader can quickly share the content with their social media followers. A successful social media integration strategy will help business owners unlock a wellspring of new leads. 

Help Clients Capture Information From Website Visitors

Engaging in email and text marketing campaigns is crucial for small businesses trying to attract attention from consumers. If your client is adamant about engaging in these types of campaigns, then helping them gather information from website visitors is crucial. Most website visitors are willing to hand their contact information over if they are receiving something from a business. 

This is why providing website visitors with e-books and discounts in exchange for their information is a wise move. Performing some A/B testing on the methods used to garner this contact information is the best way to figure out what a company’s target demographic responds to. 

With the use of these tips and some persistence, you can help your clients accomplish their lead generation goals.