Why Cheap, Overseas SEO Will Cost You and Your ClientsIf you have become overwhelmed with all the SEO tasks your client’s request, you may be tempted to outsource these services. After all, by doing this, you can free up the time of your team to focus on other things.

However, as you prepare to outsource these critical services, consider carefully who you hire. While a cheap, overseas service may seem appealing at first, don’t be fooled. If you opt for these inexpensive services, it may cost you and your clients in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of choosing the cheapest option.

Low-Quality Link Building Efforts May Trigger Google Penalties

For just a few hundred dollars a month, chances are you aren’t going to receive quality link building or content marketing services. In fact, you are likely going to receive low-quality and “spammy” links that have been created with automated tools and software.

Most of these low-quality SEO services focus on the number of links provided, rather than the quality of those links. This low-quality link building is likely going to trigger Google penalties, requiring money and time to clean up the mess that has been made.

Low-Quality Website Content and Poor Grammar

With low-quality, outsourced SEO, it means any content create is likely going to be very poor quality and it may be virtually unreadable. Overseas companies use software to just scrape current content online from several sources and then spin it to create new content. If this content is put on your client’s websites, it is going to reflect poorly on your business. Think about it – do you want content on your site that doesn’t make sense? Neither do your clients.

Language Barriers and Communication Issues

Sometimes, overseas outsource companies will operate on a different time schedule, which makes communication challenging and often delayed. Also, language barriers can cause issues. While the language barrier issue is not intentional, it is still an issue that may impeded you and your clients reaching the goals you have.

No Knowledge of Your Brand’s Service or Product

Proper SEO involves more than just posting thousands of low-quality links. The creation and distribution of content, link-building, and outreach strategies can’t be done the right way for just a few hundred dollars. It doesn’t matter what these companies say, an overseas, outsourced SEO company isn’t going to put the required time and effort needed into learning about the service or product offered or about your client’s competition. All this is vital to create an effective SEO plan that helps you meet your goals.

Get the Right SEO Services with a Local, Professional, and Reputable Provider

If you want to achieve the best possible results with your SEO efforts, but you need help to ensure your client’s get the quality services they expect and deserve hiring a U.S. based agency is best. This is going to be a company that will be able t provide the services your clients expect, which will help them and you.