Today, there are shortcuts for everything in the digital marketing realm. You can use tools to find the keywords you should target, generate content titles, and page builders that create web pages almost automatically.

While these are fun to work with and create a high-quality website in a few hours, they still aren’t better than hiring a professional designer for your website needs.


That’s a good question. Keep reading to learn the answer.

Page Builders Don’t Work on Magic

The page builders available today rely on CSS and HTML coding to build websites. This means having some level of knowledge for these languages and the right “eye” for design is still essential.

It’s important to remember, new innovations usually build on the technology that came before. Also, new technologies are usually sacrificing something to become mainstream. In the case of page builders, this “something” is control and customizability.

Page Builders Have Limitations

There are a few limitations that modern page builders have.

Platform Limitations

The main reason that page builders cannot replace professional web designers is that they are extremely limited. Drag-and-drop builders will never be as customizable as using a coding playground. This is because you are working with a predefined set of tools and rules.

Design Limitations

On the design side of things, the first limitation you will notice is structural. There are limited elements you can arrange in a predefined way. However, it goes further than that. Most page builders are designed with pre-made blocks that you drag and drop. While the variety may be impressive, this doesn’t mean you will always get what you are searching for.

While you can add hovers, resize the blocks, and add shadows, you can only do this to a certain extent. If you want to take things a step further and, for example, insert an adaptable block that displays your user’s IP, you are completely out of luck.

Code Limitations

You don’t have as much flexibility regarding how you customize your pages on the backend of things. Coding is difficult, and it is great to improvise your page with builders, even if you aren’t sure how to code. However, if you have compatibility issues with the elements or want more flexibility in how specific blocks are displayed, the page builders probably won’t be that beneficial.

While you can edit some CSS on certain elements, you won’t be able to access the full source code. Even if you did, it would be a mess and much more difficult to navigate than something written by a person from the start.

Hire a Professional Web Designer for Help

If you want to create an amazing website, you can use a page designer. However, hiring a professional will always provide better results. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to get the most from the pages you create. This will help you rank well in search engines and provide your visitors the information they want and need.