Link building is now considered one of the most effective and important digital marketing strategies used today. The biggest issue is that it is also one of the most misunderstood strategies and can often be overwhelming and complicated. This is especially true for clients who have never done this before. 

However, when link building is done properly, you can boost your web traffic, improve rankings, and help your client’s sites achieve many other benefits. 

Keep reading to learn some of the top reasons you should offer link-building services as part of your SEO package. 

Improve Website Traffic

Virtually everyone who has a website wants to get more website traffic. There’s good news – this is one of the biggest benefits of building backlinks to your site. 

In this situation, the benefits are two-fold. 

For example, more sites linking to your website means you have more opportunities to generate clicks. Also, the backlinks help improve your trust, authority, and expertise. The more expert, trustworthy, and authoritative Google sees a website, the higher the site will rank in search engines. As your rankings improve, website traffic will increase, as well. 

Higher Position in SERPs

As mentioned above, link building can improve your position in SERPs

When a relevant site creates a link back to your site, it offers useful context for Google and other search engines to use when ranking a site. For example, if a high-authority fishing supplies site links back to your boating site, it shows you have authority on a related topic. 

The more relevant and authoritative the linking site is, the more it will improve search rankings for your client’s site. 

Improved SEO Scores and Site Metrics

DA or Domain Authority is just one SEO metric that benefits from effective link-building strategies. A few metrics will improve if your link-building strategies are successful. It’s possible to use a DA checker to find out what sites have a high DA

Improved Reputation and Credibility 

Here we can use the fishing supplies and boat example from above. 

If you browse a popular fishing supplies site you have accessed for information for a few years, there’s a good chance you trust the site. When the website you trust shares links to different sites, you are much more inclined to trust the sites they link to. 

This helps to promote the reputation and credibility of your client’s site when you get more of these links. It also shows why links from trusted, high-ranking sites are more beneficial and important than sites with as much credibility. 

Don’t Ignore the Power and Benefits Of Link Building for Your Clients’ Sites 

If you are working to help your clients grow their traffic and engagement, link building should be a part of your SEO package. This is an important marketing tactic you can’t afford to ignore. If you aren’t sure you can handle this independently, let our team help ensure your clients get the desired results.