Creating content that goes viral is a top goal for most online businesses and marketers. If your content goes viral, it means that millions of people see it, talk about it, discuss it, comment on it, and share it across the internet. 

When something goes viral, you will see a significant surge in traffic. The attention helps to put your business front and center and ensure customers and your entire community notice you. All this attention also leads to more sales while increasing your reputation in the industry. 

Reasons You Want to Create Viral Content 

There are more than a few benefits offered by having content that goes viral. In fact, this is one of the most sought-after goals for businesses and content marketers

While this is true, there is no proven formula or method you can use to ensure your content goes viral. What causes one thing to go viral may not work for something else. 

Even though you can’t predict when something will go viral, there is a way to write and prepare content for virality. This will ensure if the opportunity to go viral occurs, your content is ready for it. 

Keep reading to learn how to create content that has the potential to go viral. 

Create Longer Content

Blogs and articles that are longer are more likely to go viral than shorter articles or blogs. In fact, articles of at least 3,000 words have almost double the shares compared to articles under 1,000 words. 

What does this mean to you? You need to spend your time creating longer content. 

Post Content in the Right Place and at the Right Time

If you want to give your content the best chance possible to go viral, you must ensure it deserves visibility. To do this, you need to figure out the right viewing times for each social platform. Knowing this gives your post the best chance of being seen and shared. 

Create Listicles 

Creating list-style articles is a common practice to help ensure your content goes viral. That’s because list-style articles are fast and easy to read, and it is easy for you to communicate important information to your audience. 

It has also been found that the total number of items included on your list makes a difference when it comes to shareability. 

According to some studies, articles with a minimum of 10 items rank the best. Next comes lists including 23 items, then 16 items, followed by 24 items. 

Creating Viral Content 

As mentioned above, there’s no way to know for sure if your content will go viral. If you want the best chance of writing something that has the potential to go viral, use the tips and information found here. Doing this will put your content in a position to rank well, be seen by more people, and have the best chance of achieving viral status. 

Outsourcing your content is recommended if you cannot put the time and effort into creating the quality pieces needed for viral potential.